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tv   [untitled]    October 19, 2010 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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it transparent and effective for the future. lessons if you. generally agree with the presidency and i said the record i went to talk to when you have the g twenty started its work i. will not be able to avoid answering this question on what is the regulatory financial system kind of system we have in the coming years objectively of course there are states that. we should just to see a patchwork to. what exists and everything will be ok the bretton woods and solutions have exhausted the potential of course we don't want to try to produce this but the question is what kind of i want a recession i'm going to have the next twenty years is it enough to just go with. the twentieth century the general answer is no this is not enough and so our initial agreement i was really will have to work with the g twenty need to do
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something definitive what does it mean definitive beautiful no. we need fundamental agreement for the children to. the structure of the national the resistor we have started a little bang the year before me but i imagine the world bank. thanks to be tough but we have made progress in a few twenty also by the good for you which brought us a lot of the things particularly the apec crisis but now we need some final results in the sense that we certainly support. the day and. near future but certainly during the presidency the g twenty this could be one of the most important issues where we are ready to work in other issues as well but this one. including also the subject more reserve currencies and perhaps even creating a global reserve currency. you. and you know
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me obviously this is. extremely. bring some stability in the monetary system that's the last thing that we would like to do some. think or some friends to accuse them but it's not a question of accusing at sea question. creating the basis. of world monetary organization. if we start a conflict if we start demming. stability and that is exactly. what we can. achieve. from fusion we have a long way in our discussion. and would only. have
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. some issues of substance. as was the decision of the commission. and very happy that he reasoned has tried it. doesn't always happen the commission has decided not to entertain a procedure against her friends discrimination simple reason that there is no discrimination. and i think that that's very good and that closes the page to let it cook which i think should be over. it will questions and let us in a fog underlings thanks. to the russians. who warned the walking in the relationship that in the washer and. good will usually just show what a good will do is all this quite difficult you should i hope. you are also
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involved in the transnistria dangerous. there's always a question about when is splitting mulberry and transnistria you also were involved in the georgian. war. and then next. week we're waiting from the e.u. summit as a solution for the stability a pact in europe what it really want help us about it. yes i think that we have the ability to resolve all kinds of conflicts including the so-called. friends and yes we discussed this yesterday as we do traditionally. i think you can. reach a good result. that all. those
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. positive impact on the situation. had a chance to talk to. the leadership of the transnistria an entity in moscow and in principle we can. help them to work. but. the government now is a kind of indefinite state. elections and of course. parties to the negotiations are party to the. so as soon as the election procedures over i believe that we have a reasonably good chance to resume. process and there is also a rush of help. like. that success depends not only
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russia success on all this world depends on the position as such and that without a doubt the main thing also depends on the decision of the. position. and the position of the european union everyone must participate. yes they will have an opportunity to do a bit of pair of before this summit or the next thing was a preparation but we are france and germany and i said yesterday. we have to pay attention for you how it was so. we have some problems that in two thousand and thirteen some with a game and so we'll. have to think about what we can do what the same and make any sense can be worth what is evil week not all day and i'm
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to help us in this situation and a whole germany of france and russia and we'll also you were. waiting in this airway be gone and we also like to make an agreement. will also take part in helping. to tell everyone how to overcome about this difficult situation if you cannot see what i have to admit france and germany we have different opinions in this case and for example we are selling strikes in the rants against the pension reform. was a day for the. whole of them that we all can also. make an announcement it will also be fewer people to go of excuse me and i fully agree with me what. translates just said. he couldn't
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mind just like germany. we are working on the reason of the treaty as you know the direction. has just said we did not impose our will on anyone you know. but when. friends. the first time we do not agree. i think that once we reach an agreement. our two countries. have done a great deal for stabilization of the european response to the crisis with vision common vision and what we would do together in that direction you know politically and therefore i support. michael says i want. to share in the world we are working now on a permanent solution. next crisis the next.
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move for my dialogue with mr lidgerwood have certainly we discussed the sort of conflicts we also discussed. and. indeed we reached an agreement in your two thousand and eight. mr. discussed it with him it wasn't easy to manage that. i believe that the. of the city. from the city of. progress this is something that i asked for several times and i welcome in fact we have to continue discussions to continue diplomacy can. calmly and our discussions discuss the return of. the georgian authorities is. committed not to use the force our
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friend should accept european observers this work is not over we know mr just like me. over. a difficult situation cannot be overcome mentioned a few weeks we discussed saying. that mutual confidence. in a way that's rather positive for everyone solution to this conflict is not country . or is not a military solution it's diplomacy you know it's. it's discussion. understanding of the problem of the other side it's in this way that tension in any other way place that's my conviction any questions. from. me. we consider. meeting of the
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three. the regulars that. have an agenda. it. helps there isn't really an agenda. and where next. feedin of the wall it seems to me. we all think that this was a useful meeting and it was just full in every way because we discussed the european problems well you just listen to regional problems we discussed trilateral problems we discussed finally and i just mentioned that solutions relating with the to the agenda of the g. twenty and i work in the twenty this kind of coordination of position is in my
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opinion is quite useful i believe that this whole matter needs to be preserved and i believe this is the kind of meetings yes they must be regular actually i think that we will find a good place and good places and good reasons for such meetings. as. i think. in our world it is changing constantly and it is quiet useful that we have such a format of mating. we also mentioned discussing a lot but there were also four months between for example there was also a. meeting of three with me in france germany and although. i think we can. have an a but you have the interior. now going eyes in formal meetings and this. is some things and find new approaches how to solve the problems and germany is
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ready to go joe russia again germany is also already been invited both presidents to our country and i hope you weren't grech anything our country. i think that it's always useful when heads of state and government have confidence in each other and. they need to talk with protocol on all the issues that concern them and therefore this. constructed that gets a new one is at the service of everyone and. certainly this needs to be preserved. i don't know when we have the next meeting as i understand it's. yes indeed we will find an agreement on this. just in about unity that i
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enjoy but i would like to give the floor to mr president a last question. friends for radio questions for president sarkozy this is about the domestic situation. the demonstrations against the pension reform and the problems with the if you will . at demonstrations in the schools of the radicalization of this movement and a breakdown of. just my colleagues question on the domestic situation in france. which i have thought a great deal. i thought a great deal before starting the pension reform in france. this reform. if you. had been postponed for too long. and
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there was no longer any possibility of postponement because. we need certainty for the pension as of today and tomorrow that their pensions will be paid what's the pension situation in france. the situation. is such that pensions are being paid by printing money money in the bank and this situation cannot last it cannot last for reasons of fairness it will be totally just that the pensioners who worked all their lives when they retire pensions are not paid this is not a specifically french situation you know hold all the world's countries this is a question there's any question was raised. some time ago and i do know that there was a lot of debate about the trade remember. he mentioned this to be some months
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ago and you know it discussions why this is because since one thousand nine hundred fifty second. the french and he's been. a new french life expectancy. by fifteen years. on the whole basis you cannot pay for these additional fifteen years and therefore this is a difficult complex question but that is my duty to title and as head of state it's the duty for the future before the younger people it's a duty. because there there is a need for fundamental a good librium in the country and i do understand the concern in a democracy everyone can have expression but at the same time but that. going overboard and. be discussing when i return
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a number of situations that need to be defused people need to work and you cannot deprive them. in a democracy that cannot happen and. we need to be very careful because there are certain people who are just breaking things and we need to guarantee public order that's my. certainly also my duty whether i'm afraid of a breakdown while i can tell you the greatest breakdown would have been if i failed to do my duty for today and for tomorrow and i hope that everyone will show a cool headed approach i think this is the responsibility. that. we can all go overboard in. thank you i believe all the questions being asked
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thank you again. and there we have the three party forum wrapping up in deauville of france the leaders of france germany and russia are all in attendance there making their comments to people in the audience and let's start with the comments now from the russian president dmitri medvedev feast that all parties there covered a broad range of subjects they touched down on the middle east and on the issue of iran and on the issue of iran medvedev saying that russia will follow all agreements already in place particularly the sanctions against iran now european security was front and center during this three party forum russian president dmitri medvedev proposing a new type of european security treaty it was one that the german chancellor angela merkel certainly gave her full endorsement and sarkozy is also standing next to the russian president on that as well but here they're saying that he wants to see a future with more russia and nato cooperation he said is absolutely important so important in fact the view that it will attend the nato meeting in lisbon on
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november the twentieth to further this agenda of more russia and nato cooperation in the future and the issue of visa free travel that was also covered by all parties in attendance there medvedev saying the visa free travel is crucial between france germany and russia it was at that point that the french president nicolas sarkozy chimed in and he said that he will work with medvedev step by step to implement some form of legislation he was saying that all parties france germany and russia share a common economic space and as such a visa free travel relationship would be mutually beneficial those details and many more on our website at r.t. dot com now. let's get back to our main story here on r.t. and our breaking news this hour a group of militants who broke into the parliament of russia's republic of chechnya have all being killed in the course of our special operation at least three other people died after the gunman started shooting inside the building of the city of grozny in the wake of reports on this. there are various reports that this boy and
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so we're hearing that there were three or four suicide bombers outside the parliamentary building they drove to the building in the car and as deputies were gathering outside of it they opened fire some reports are saying russia's prosecutor's office in fact is saying that three people were killed and another seventeen injured there were both civilians and policeman other reports however saying that there were more victims and in fact all of the terrorists were liquidated outside of that parliamentary building we're still hearing awaiting to hear more in that fight we do know is that the leader of church never met on the doofus personally taking the situation under control investigations into the recent terror attacks that took place in russia have shown that international terror groups stand behind many of them and this june that the u.s. authorities have names. of an international terrorist in russia this is the man who is number one on the least of the most wanted by the country's security forces and
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authorities he took responsibility for the two deadly blasts that took place in moscow in march this year to clive's to forty people and left another eighty eight injured as couple of months later another explosion took place in the c. two bits of course where a car exploded leaving thirty more people injured luckily no one was killed and that's one just a month after that another explosion took place else in the region of more focuses in the city of the cuff gaza where a suicide bomber drove a car into the city central market killing ninety nine thousand people and leaving over two hundred more injured many experts believe that those two terror attacks were also linked to international organizations and just recently a man called i doubt it would be wooden was. arrested just outside moscow for spreading extremists literature among people now the man is a leader of an international terror group that has its headquarters in turkey but he is believed to be operating in moscow and preparing to. training rather suicide
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bombers here so that also of course proves that there are still a lot of international. terror groups operating in russia to talk more about that i'm now joined by eight a political ad a set out in the us from an institute hope world economy and international relations idina thank you very much for talking to us today how can you please tell us do you think that this latest terror attack was also related to international charity groups in fact i think well what is happening in russia particularly in northern caucasus what is happening in europe because we know that it was a red collar pratt's a few weeks ago there was well that makes us think that this is sort of terrorist funded media in the world yeah and whether these are international whether this is national i think there is a global war both of them are already how big is the problem of international terror groups operating in washington story in general you take my point of view it
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is very difficult to say exactly how many groups are there. what is national what is international because this is a network this is the air for modern voyage is this. killer is this murders are acting and seeing what is a network to follow them to to catch that is a particular problem for security forces and that is why in fact they are also not cooperating in all the well in networking formats otherwise it doesn't work thank you very much avi mccubbin scared political analyst talking to us on the latest blast in chechnya. time now for the business update with you. that's right time to have a look at what's happening in the world of business russian graduates plans to raise about five billion dollars by selling subsidiaries and assets over the next two years program for this year including selling thirty five percent of trance
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container and ten percent of trance predator bank to raise six hundred million dollars russian railways will raise an additional six hundred million this year by selling sixty three thousand carriages and by leasing other assets in total the company plans to sell stock in forty eight to join us by twenty twelve. while the russian government has a fifty billion dollars reason to improve the country's investment climate it has an extensive programme of privatizations it wants to get to the market but visual reports it's a plan that needs the help of foreign capital. hundred billion dollars has flowed into the russian economy as foreign investment but it could have been more if not for administrative barriers back sister infrastructure the labor difficulties in the regions it's inadequate training of the workforce number two it's difficulties for accessing financing number three its high levels of corruption and number for
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unfair competition from the grey market the prime minister to get nude of the criticism and assured the symbol and investors and business people he understood their problems however he was keen to point out the progress that had been made the right tave that had been slashed the fight against corruption and opening up of the russian market reforms would continue he said pledging that foreign investors could count on getting the same treatment from the offices of state as domestic companies especially in your position we do make a distinction between russian and foreign business when it comes to protecting the rights of investors it's important for us to create comfortable condition. for those who want to make investments in russia to develop their business to promote their goods and services. the russian government has a strong incentive to quickly improve investor sentiment it has an extensive program of privatization to get away with this many as twenty of the country's biggest state run companies marked for possible sale the finance ministry wants to
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raise around fifty billion dollars from the asset over the next five years to help cover the budget deficit it's an ambition that will be hard to achieve if i wanted my knees afraid to come here you know and we've a business r.t. . the privatization program itself will help to improve investment climate in russia that's according to unicef thought president of morgan stanley in russia and c.i.s. . i do believe it will because it's one of the concerns of the government are still involved governments are are very efficient in running the companies in any way and the more companies become public they have to report to investors the help to independent independent directors the more transparent and open the economy will be so i think privatization is a very important stuff another direction. time to have a quick look at the markets the question of the stars on the rise with mites it's breaking psychological mark of fifteen hundred points where the blue chips are
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crowing with more than two percent on both forces to be on draw smith to also among the top gayness on the my six. and european stocks are sort stocks are up there some of the markets are trying to overcome early losses with support from the financial sector in the wake of earnings from citigroup which acknowledge a stock the week after results from apple and international business machines. that have a portion has approved a plan to give companies working in the your mob peninsula a tax holiday to the government a scheme to encourage gas production in the region which is rich in resources but it's hard to access the plan includes exemption from the resource extraction texans are at school to take for liquefied natural gas as well as local tax breaks the terms of tax holidays will be before the end of the year but will not exceed twelve years. and car production in russia has almost doubled in the first three quarters of the year more than eight hundred thousand vehicles rolled up this
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something line within the period russia's commitment ministry said it expected no current production to nearly double by twenty thirty you. american mobile phone make a major role is leaving russia it will close its officers at the beginning of twenty eleven and will no longer officially markets were distributed its handsets in the country the company first came to russia in one thousand nine hundred three on. gained a leading position but since two thousand and three it's in its market share steadily declined acknowledged i don't see with just one percent of mobile phones sold in the country for a while has set out a number of cost cutting measures this year including plans to close offices in africa and eastern europe to another. complain that apple has broken its own profit record and for costs with its latest results but the market has been less impressed with a straight ing outlook the shares fell sharply on wall street
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a high tech company were origin had to go four point three billion dollars for the flick or shut up seventy percent on last year the main driver was an immediate doubling of the i phone sales although sales of the i pad fell short of expectations on it i'm sure but that's all the business news for now but you can always get more storage small websites are to dot com slash business. you are.


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